WBMDFC was established in 1996 as per West Bengal Act XVIII of 1995, ie The West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation Act, 1995.The West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation has taken up various schemes for Economic Welfare, Scholarships, vocational training, mass awareness and career counselling which are running successfully for person belonging to the notified religious minority Communities i.e, Muslim/Christian/Buddhist/Sikh/Jain and Parsee for their economic upliftment .

Some of the Function of this Corporation:-

v  To provide financial assistance to the minorities for self employment in the form of Soft Loan.

v  To provide different scholarships (Merit-Cum-Means, Post Matric, Pre Matric and Talent support stipend) for poor and meritorious students.

v  To provide Education Loans for poor and meritorious students.

v   To promote training programmes for development and up gradation of skill.

v   To provide training for various competitive exams.

v             To undertake programmes for empowerment of minority women.


Term Loan Scheme: West Bengal Minorities’ Development & Finance Corporation is providing the Term loan up to Rs. 5 lakh for persons belonging to the notified minority communities i.e., Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Jains and Parsee for their economic upliftment.

The application may be submitted round the year (on any working Day) in prescribed format and He/ She may submit application at the local Block Development Office in case of rural area and  S D O Office in case of urban areas. In case of Kolkata it should be submitted at the District Office for Minority Affairs Kolkata  at 11/3, Biresh Guha Street, ( Near Park Circus, 4 no. Bridge) 5th floor, Kolkata-17.

Applicant’s age must be between 18 to 50 year as on 1st January of the year in which he/she is applying for the loan. Annual family income for rural area must be within Rs.81, 000/-(Rupees Eighty one thousands) and urban Areas within Rs 1, 03,000/- (Rupees One lac three thousands) only. If the household  income is higher up to 6 lakhs p.a.  rate of interest will be higher as per NMDFC norms.

A Guarantor is required for the applicant:

For Loan from Rs. 25,001/- to Rs.50, 000 –A Tax payer or professionally qualified person (e.g. Doctor, Engineer etc) and For loan above Rs. 50,000/-   - A Govt./Semi Govt. Employee/Teacher  or a good beneficiary of WBMDFC. Guarantor Age limit will be 60 years.

If applicant has knowledge & experience in respect of the business for which he/she is applying will get the preference for the above loan.
Photocopy of the Voter I Card/ AAdhar card/ Pan Card /Residential Certificate/ Trade Licence to be attached with the Application.
If the applicant is a loanee/Defaulter in respect of loan taken from any Bank/Financial institution he/she will not be eligible for application for this loan.
Repayment with interest @6% p.a. in 12 or 20 Quarterly installments in 3 years or 5 years.
Term Loan above Rs. 1 Lakh and up to Rs. 5 Lakh must accompany the following documents:-

(1)    Trade License at Least 3(three) years.

(2)    Audited account for at least 3(three) years.

(3)    Project report duly verified by DIC/ Chartered Accountant( in case of Trading Business)

(4)    Bank statement for at least 3(three) years

(5)    Small Scale Industry Registration in case of production unit

(6)    Proof of Business /Business places and any other document to prove the firm /soundness of the Loanee in this respect.

(7)    Any other document which may be required to prove the identity, residence.

Micro Finance Direct to SHGs: Small loans upto Rs. 50,000 per member of Self Help Group (SHGs) for income generating economic activities are  provided directly to SHGs, especially women @6% interest p.a.

v   Small loans provided directly to members of SHG, especially to women.

v   Repayment in 18/24 months.

v   Applications through Field Supervisors of WBMDFC.

v   Rate of Interest @6% p.a.

Minority Women Empowerment Programme:This programme is launched by MA & ME deptt. for providing soft loan to SHGs for undertaking any income generation activity. Subsidy @50% of loan amount subject to a maximum of Rs.15000/- is given to each beneficiary. Applications are generally received at BDO/ Municipality office.

v   This programme is launched by MA & ME Deptt.

v   Providing soft loan to SHGs.

v   Subsidy up to Rs.15000.

v   Rate of Interest 3% P.M.

v  Very limited no. of beneficiaries is provided with loan under this scheme after verification of previous records etc.

Educational Loan: Maximum Rs.20 lakh for pursuing professional courses like Medical, Engineering, Management, Nursing, Law etc.  Online Application time- July/August every year through www.wbmdfc.net

v   Loan up to Maximum Rs.10 lakh for 5 years course in India.

v   Loan up to Maximum Rs.20 lakh for 5 years course in abroad.

v   For pursuing professional courses like Medical, Engineering, Management, Nursing, Law in India and abroad.

v   Rate of Interest @3% p.a.

Annual family income Rs.1, 03,000 p.a. for urban area and Rs.81, 000 p.a. for rural area.If the household income is higher up to 6 lakhs p.a.  rate of interest will be higher, as per NMDFC’s norms

v  Age group: 16-32 years.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship: Scholarship upto Rs. 30,000/- (Rs.20000 for Course fee & Rs.10000 maintenance allowance for Hosteller and Rs.5000/- for Day Scholar) per year per student is given for pursuing professional / technical courses at graduate and post graduate level. Online application in June / July every year through www.scholarships.gov.in

v   Scholarship up to Rs.30,000/- per year per student.

v   For pursuing professional / technical courses at graduate and post graduate level.

v   Online application June / July  every year through www.scholarship.gov.in

v   Annual Family Income upto Rs.2.5 Lakh.

Pre-Matric Scholarship: Scholarship is given to students for pursuing studies from class I to X ranging from Rs. 1000/- to 10,700/- per year. Application time June / July every year at BDO/ Municipality office.

v   Scholarship is given to the students one time in a year from class I to X ranging from Rs.1000/- to 10700/- ; Govt. & Day Scholar from class I to V Rs.1000/-, Govt. & Day Scholar from vi to x Rs, 1240/-, Govt. and Hosteller vi to x Rs. 6240/-, Private and Day Scholar class vi to x Rs.5700/-, Private & Hosteller vi to x Rs.10, 700/- per year.

v  Application for class IX and X ON-LINE through www.scholarships.gov.in and for class I to VIII hard copy application to be submitted at the concerned school.

v   Application time June / July every year.

v   Minimum Marks Required 50% in last Examination.

v   Annual Family Income upto Rs.1 lakh.

Post Matric Scholarship: Scholarship is given to students for pursuing studies from class XI to PhD. Application in June / July ONLINE through www.scholarship.gov.in

v   Scholarship is given to students for pursuing studies from class XI to PhD.

v   Yearly maintenance allowance of Rs.2300/- & Rs.3800/-, Rs.3000/- & Rs.5700/- are given for class XI & XII, Graduation and Master levels respectively plus actual tution fees.

v   Application time June-Sept for fresh application and June to October for renewal application through ONLINE  from www.scholarships.gov.in

v   Annual Family Income upto Rs.2 Lakh.

v   Minimum Marks Required 50% in last Examination.


Post Matric Stipend (Under Talent Support Programme):This stipend is awarded to the students who are resident of West Bengal and have passed their last final examination and obtained below 50% marks and must have secured pass marks in his/her last examination. He/she should have continuing their studies Scholarship is given to students for pursuing studies from class XI and onwards up to Ph.D. Annual Family Income up to Rs.2 Lakh.Application taken ONLINE through www.tsp.wbmdfc.co.in

v   XI-XII total Rs. 2550.

v   Graduation total Rs 4800.

v   Post Graduation total Rs. 4900.

 Haji Md Mohsin Fixed Endowment Fund Scholarship :

The scholarship under Haji Md. Mohsin Endowment fund is awarded to the meritorious minority Muslim students on the birth anniversary of great philanthropist is awarded every year on 1st August conventionally.  The Birth anniversary of Haji Md.  Mohsin the scholarship is provided out of the interest accrued for the Endowment Fund created by Haji Md. Mohsin.

The great philanthropist Haji Md Mohsin was born on 1st August, 1732. He got much ancestoral property. He donated all the property for upliftment of the poor Muslim community. He made a will in the year 1806 donating a large amount for the cause of Education of Muslim students. This fund was named as Mohsin Endowment Fund.

From the year  2011 the Government of West Bengal introduced one time Haji Md. Mohsin Fund Scholarship every year to total 100 Muslim  candidates passing out of the  Madhyamik Pariksha (70) Higher Madrasah Examination (20) and Alim Examination (10) . The Scholarship is given @ Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand) only out of the Endowment Fund and a certificate jointly signed by the Chairman, WBMDFC and Principal Secretary of MA & ME Deptt. Govt. of West Bengal.

Vocational Training Programme: For upgrading the skill in varioustrades Training Programmes are conducted mainly through reputed institutions. Applications are received on advertisement at concerned institutions. Details of course fee, duration and venues of Training are available at Website-www.wbmdfc.org.

 Job Oriented Coaching:WBMDFC also provide coaching for job oriented examination like Bank Provisionary Officer Examination, Police Constable Recruitment Examination, School Service Commission and Madrasah Service Commission to the minorities candidates. Call Center training has also been imparted as a part of this coaching scheme.